Nilly Cope
BSc (Honours) Psychology
Graduate Diploma in Family and Relationship Therapy
PACFA member

Nilly is a compassionate and caring therapist dedicated to helping her clients gain clarity and resolve the issues they are facing through an integrative approach to therapy.

She holds a BSc with Honours in Psychology from UWA and has done a further 2-years of training in Family and Relationship therapy. She also regularly facilitates courses on relationship education and parenting for Relationships Australia.

She offers her clients a unique dual approach involving therapeutic interventions as well as psycho-education. Nilly views these as two sides of the same coin, one helps address the issues that are present, whilst the other builds knowledge and skills to create more positive outcomes in one’s life.

She has been happily married for over 25 years and has 3 children. Nilly’s philosophy is that our home should be a “fortress for wellbeing”.  Over time, unresolved issues can erode this feeling and create tension and stress in a place where we should feel relaxed, happy and able to show our authentic selves. Through the use of evidence-based practices, Nilly helps individuals, couples and families develop lasting strategies to communicate better, resolve conflict and heal emotional wounds to create more peaceful and happy homes.

Areas of Special Interest

  • Couples wanting to resolve difficulties or create greater connection
  • Helping families resolve conflict or challenges
  • Children or teenagers in a family with behavioural issues
  • Family separation and impact on children
  • Blended families
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Impact of anxiety or depression on the family system
  • Creating a nurturing culture within a family


Some feedback from our clients

I came to Nilly following a very drawn out and painful family fracture and she has been nothing short of wonderful in helping me processing all the feelings that was involved.

Better yet, in doing so she gave me the language and the tools to unpack a deep seated sense of anxiety that’s been with me since I was a child. Her kindness, understanding and enthusiasm to help have been invaluable. She’s been tremendous in knowing when to prompt and when to listen and reading the look on my face when I’m unconvinced by a suggestion (She’s always tried a different angle until we found one that worked).

With Nilly’s help I’ve been able to reach closure and redesign the boundaries of my relationship with my family, understand and regain freedom from anxiety and overall manoeuvre myself into the best mental health I’ve ever had. 
I have previously seen other therapists and also have friends that are in therapy (with different psychologists) and whenever we discuss this I always end up sitting back smugly because my therapist is clearly the best. 

Not that it’s a competition… but if it was, Nilly wins. 
10/10 would recommend.

– VC

“My sessions with Nilly have been immensely helpful. Without fail, each time, Nilly has been able to very quickly distil the crux of what’s likely to be at the root of an issue and given me highly insightful and actionable advice that I can take and use, even long past attending one on one sessions.

Through incisive but gentle questioning, she has helped me change the way I think about so many things. Nilly creates such a safe space where I feel extremely comfortable to share. I am beyond grateful to have met Nilly and would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a professional therapist who, at the same time is so caring and compassionate.”

– RH

“I’ve been seeing Nilly for almost a year now and she’s given me such a different perspective on my anxiety and depression. She’s given me tools that have helped ease my symptoms and provided a safe, comfortable environment for me to combat my mental illness.

– AE

“Nilly was so quick at picking up what was going wrong in our family’s relationships. Amazing experience!

– TA