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I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.
Carl Jung

Therapy to Suit Everyone

Evidence-based practice to help you and your most important relationships

Life can be challenging sometimes, and we need to talk to someone who is empathic and non-judgemental about difficulties we are facing. Therapy can help us explore parts of us that we don’t want to face, feelings that can be overwhelming (like anxiety or depression) or simply to bring calm and joy to our relationships

A good therapist can not only be a sounding board, but also help us to re-evaluate the way we think about ourselves, our relationships and the world around us, in order to make sense of the emotions we are facing.

At Harmony Family Therapy, we know that each person’s situation is unique therefore we use a multi-disciplinary approach that would be best suited for each client.

Evidence based research shows the most effective approach in helping clients is therapy combined with psycho-education. Harmony Family Therapy is unique in Perth in offering this dual approach to therapy, in order to help our clients understand their issues more deeply and to then able to make the necessary changes in their lives to create more peaceful and joyful outcomes.

Harmony Family Therapy

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